About “Inktober” Project

Creating this story was a unique project, and I’m very happy to share it with you. So how did I come up with the idea? Well, an artist named Jake Parker started an art challenge in 2009 called Inktober, in which he made ink-based illustrations throughout the month of October and posted them online. Now, every October, artists all over the world follow in his footsteps. I usually skip out every year because I don’t have any ideas. Then, about a day before the challenge began, I thought, ‘Hey, why not do a full blown comic about a guy not doing Inktober like I me?” As I played with the story in my head, I thought of funny scenarios that could happen to him. They became so outrageous that I realized it would be a fun project to do. So, starting on October 1st, I decided to jump into the story and challenged myself to complete it by the end of the month. I was successful! 31 pages in 31 days, and I even did 5 bonus pages!

What made this comic so unique was that I didn’t plan the story ahead of time! I had a vague idea for how I wanted the story to go, but I had no idea how I was going to get there, or if I was going to finish on time. Everyday, I sat in front of a blank page, and had to figure out how I was going to continue the story. When I was posting these online, I was just as excited as anyone else because even I didn’t know what was going to happen next! I also changed up my style. It’s more cartoony than my anime-based style, but I found that doing so made it fun to draw everyday.

I’m glad everything came together. I hope you enjoy reading it as mush as I did making it!

Actual footage of me when I was drawing
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