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Toonami Blog #10: All Fun and Games (Till Someone Gets Hurt!)

Samurai Jack Episode 7

Alright, I know that Genndy Tartakovsky likes to make Jack overpowered, since we’ve seen him overcome enemies enemies 5x his size and deflect arrows with his bare fore arms. He’s apparently got a body made of pure metal since he can¬†endure years of getting battered, bruised, cut, and thrown through rocks without breaking one bone. But now he’s passed the power baton over to Ashi, who’s apparently capable of running through¬†1000 armed soldiers with her bare hands like she was One-Punch Girl. I actually like that she’s maintained her strength, the female-past villain characters tend to soften up when they switch over to the good side and fall in love. It’s possible Tartakovsky realized that trend and decided to break it, which shows that he wanted to be progressive. Hopefully she remains a character that can hold her own.

For better or worse, we have to say goodbye to the beard now that Jack has got his old duds back. I still can’t shake the feeling that his attire feels out of place in an urbanized, post apocalyptic world, but at the same time, they squeeze so many types of characters in this world, it’s hard to say what really fits in. It really marks the begining of the end since Jack’s got his sword back and has come to terms with is inner demons. We’ll finally get to see the epic showdown between the Samurai and Aku!


Dragonball Super Episode 14 / DBZ Kai Episode 115

As long as I’ve known Vegeta’s character, I know he’s been a man of unparalleled pride, but Super likes to break all the conventions we know about characters we love, to make them well rounded, and play with our emotions. With that said, they decided to make him act as ridiculous as possible just to be trained by Weiss. I wonder if his voice acter Chris Sabat laughed at himself for portraying Vegeta as an Animaniac. I know he’d be willing to do anything to get stronger than Goku, but man, I didn’t think he’d stoop that low. He’s come a long way from trying to blow up the Earth during his Saiyan warrior days, but this just about takes the cake.

Things are getting more serious in Kai, well sort of. First, as if implying all the Saiyan characters were the only ones relevant to the story wasn’t enough, Krillin, Kibito, and Piccolo are all put out of commission by Dabura, Babidi’s top henchman. Then, Goku and the rest of the crew enter into Babadi’s lair, and face their first of the challengers. I sometimes forget how large the scale of power is in this show, since the Saiyan warriors are arguably the strongest in the universe. Since they’re even aware of they make a sport of challenging Pui Pui by playing rock paper scissors to see who gets to fight first, rather than taking the situation seriously and rushing to stop Majin Buu. The Supreme Kai just looks in disbelief as they make a sport of a potential Armageddon by taking turns to fight rather than join forces and finish things quickly. It’s a pretty unncessesary limitation the Z fighters continuously put on themselves to stall the story, but it adds a comedic aspect to the show which I’ve come to love over the years. Admittely, I would have liked to see Vegeta and Pui Pui at least start their match, but of course we have to wait til the next episode for things to get going, since the show is notorious for stalling!


Attack on Titan S2 Episode 2

A lot of this episode was mainly about Sasha’s character development. In the past, she had a tough time doing things for the greater good of humanity, since in the past, citizens who lost their homes due to the Titans were stealing food from her home. She learns her lesson she saves a little girl from a 10-foot Titan. I’m not very heavily invested in her character, but she does say something to the girl that makes me respect her. As she has her run away, she tells her not to give up hope. Attack on Titan is a show that’s special because it turns the world of shounen upside down. Rather than featuring victories fueled with ambition and belief, our heroes meet defeat after hideous defeat with no realistic chance for waking up from the Titan nightmare. As a result, hope is a quality barely anyone has. However, she bravely tells the girl to keep pushing on to look for a brighter future before taking on the Titan herself. I know the show is more of a tragedy than anything, and if anyone does come out alive, it will just be a few characters. However, it’s things like this that make me want hope for a happy ending


Hunter X Hunter Episode 49

It’s hard to believe that there was a threat more serious in the world of Hunter X Hunter than Killua’s family, but it was his father that told Kil to stay away from the Phantom Troupe. It was really fun to see Gon and Killua play hide-and-seek with the two members of the Phantom Troupe they were spying on. For most of the episode, the two Troupe members didn’t even know where they were at, until the their comrades, who were following them, hinted at where they were. I know it makes sense for Killua to be such a stealth god, but Gon’s got some skills of his own. I wouldn’t be suprised if by now he was at Killua’s level. I darn near wet my pants when the troupe members found them though. Since Killua mentioned they were on the same level as Hisoka, I thought our heroes would be dead on the spot, so I was more than relieved when they were just captured and taken on a car ride to the phantom troupe lair. I know they don’t realize they will meet up with Kurapika soon because he’s responsible for Uvogin’s demise, but it’s good to know the team will be reunited soon. Though it looks like their blonde haired friend will have to come to their rescue, so it won’t be the fun reunion they would have preferred.

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