Samurai Jack Episode 8


Samurai Jack was originally conceptualized as the realization of the creator’s adventure fantasy about saving ¬†a post apocalyptic world world with his crush. So it only makes sense that since Ashi’s traveling with Jack during his adventure, that they develop romantic feelings for each other. Was it inevitable? You could say so. There’s no other time in media that a male and female protagonist group go on an extended adventure and keep their relationship purely platonic, unless, you know it’s Pokemon and your Ash and don’t get a hint that the girl willing to travel across the world for you might be crushing on you. But fortunately for Jack, he’s an adult and could totally read the signs. Throughout the episode, he blushes as they touch and shows special concern from her, even though she’s always been completely capable throughout their journey. I guess he finally realized how great she looked in her leaf-dress (Though I’m sure he was more convinced when the parasite monsters ate through her clothes!). I’m glad he’s finally got a good girl to hold him down and watch his back, but it makes me wonder what he was doing up until then. Was he not interested in love? Maybe he didn’t consider it a possibility since he was seemingly the last human being on earth. If he was a little bit lonely, he’s got more than an adventure partner now! Let’s just hope their relationship strengthens their resolve and isn’t a cause for compromise.


Dragonball Super Episode 17/ DBZ Kai Episode 116

I’m not sure what to takle first, the fact that Gohan is still pulling the Great Saiyaman stint or the fact that Chi Chi doesn’t want Pan to grow up a martial artist, even though she met her husband through the discipline. If I want to say anything about Gohan, I wish Saiyaman wasn’t a thing since it adds nothing to the story. He really just needs to come out as “Gohan The Golden Warrior” or something since he already revealed himself during the World Martial Arts Tournament back in the Majin Buu saga. But it’s whatever, the show is gonna do what it’s gonna do, and Toriyama seems to find a way to bring his comedy characters back. As for Chi Chi, as I stated in my last blog, she’s the wrong one for Goku clearly. It’s a tad ironic that the most unique man in the universe is married to a woman that wants him and his family to be so average. She makes such a big deal about Goku going off to train with Weiss, that it takes the whole episode to resolve the issue. The fact that Goku listens to his wife shows how loyal he is to his marriage bond, so I guess that’s ok. It would be nice if they didn’t have to waste a whole episode trying to figure out how to pacify his wife’s absurd obsession with normality in an upside down world.

In DBZ Kai things are heating up! From time to time, the Saiyan fighters will disappoint fans by losing to a new opponent. For example, right from the start of DBZ, Goku and Piccolo lost to Raditz and few episodes into the Android Saga, Goku falls to Android 19. When this happens it undermines how cool the characters are and makes them appear weaker. This time around, they did it right by having Vegeta and Goku breeze through their opponents. They spent 7 years training regularly and they were a lot stronger than when they fought Cell. If they had gone through all that and were having a tough time, it would seem like all those years of work would go to waste. But since Vegeta and Goku took out Pui Pui and Yakon, who are apparently feared throughout the universe, without breaking a sweat, it turns their cool factor up to 11! It’s hard to fathom their limits now if they wouldn’t have trouble dealing with enemies as strong as Cell, who outclassed everyone but Gohan at the time. From here on out, they’ll be battling on a whole new level of power!


Attack on Titan S2 Episode 3

If you were Eren Jeager and you were tasked to become a Titan and rebuild a fallen wall, would you do it? With the compromise of Wall Rose and the invasion of Titans threatening multiple villages, it appears he really doesn’t have a choice. The hardest part about his situation is that humanity is riding on his shoulders. That’s obviously far too much pressure for someone who’s not only young, but also doesn’t have a complete understanding of his abilities. I’ll have to give it to Eren for being so brave. It’s hard enough for the soldiers to by thrust into a situation taking on the Titans with barely adequate training, but now him, Mikasa and Armin have to work to save the wall without any rehersal. If things go wrong or if Eren dies during the mission, that’s it. I suppose they don’t have any other options, but I’m not sure how I would respond in that situation. They have no reason to be confident of their abilities, no assured hope for success, and no telling how many casualties they have to endure to get the job done. For them to take on the task with courage earns them a lot of my respect.

I hope in this season, we’ll get to learn more about the secret of the Titans. The mystery surrounding their origins make them as intriguing as they are frightening, but there’s so much to know. Where did they come from? How is it that they’re able to speak? How is it that Humans can turn into Titans? Apparently Eren’s fathers’ basement holds the secret to the origins of the Titans, but it could be the secret to beating them. That priest apparently knows something important about them, but he choses to keep his oath. If he’s keeping quiet despite witnessing the destruction the of Titans, he must have a really good reason. I’m far more interested in the answers than I am the action at this point.


Hunter X Hunter Episode 50

The Phantom Troupe are an interesting bunch. They’re a collection of colorful villians with different motives, but are capable of compassion. They care about each other so much, they have a rule that there’s no fighting among other members. They’re so loyal to each other that they’ll stop at nothing to avenge their fallen Uvogin. Considering how human they are, it’s east to forget that they’re a devious threat. Kind of reminds me of the Suicide Squad from the movie. The groups most frightening ability is their high levels of perception. They’ve deduced that Gon and Killua have some connection to Kurapika, “the chain user” in a short amount of time with the little evidence they have.¬†Considering how close all three of them are, you’d think the two boys would have made the connection before hand. Fortunately for them, their ignorance saved their lives, because if they even suspected Kurapika was the one the Spiders were looking for, that would have been the end of the story.

The creator does a good job at foreshadowing. Two episodes prior, Gon and Killua learn concepts of artifact autopsy that seem to be irrelevant for the show, but they ended up using that knowledge to escape Nobunaga. I mean, they were hunting a group of assassins, not trying to find the best ways to barter in the black market! But the fact that there was such detail in the terms meant that those things would be relevant in the future. Luckily, it was just what they needed to get away from the Phantom Troupe!

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