Samurai Jack Episode 5- Don’t Save, her Jack!

Episode 5 gives us a chance to breathe with a more mellow and lighthearted episode than the previous one. After falling down from the tree branch on the cliff, Jack discovers Ashi is still alive and is still ever persistent to see his demise in the name of Aku. Jack vows to show her the truth about his mortal enemy, and is makes it his mission to turn her heart around. They are then swallowed by a mysterious monster and have to escape. Even though Jack protects her numerous times, she preferred to be the beasts excrement rather than have anything to do with him. She eventually comes around at the end of the episode, when she was able to see that Jack cared for nature the same way that she did when she was younger. It is touching to see a breakthrough, but I’m not sure if I would have been as compassionate as Jack.  Ashi was too ungrateful, and if anything, it’s taught me an important life lesson. Sometimes, women that you care about will find themselves in a disastrous situation, and you’ll want to help them out, but they choose to stay in their situation instead of getting relief. All I can say is, fellas, if she doesn’t want to be saved, don’t save her! Let her learn the lessons she needs to herself!


Dragonball Super Episode 13 / Dragonball Z Kai Episode 112: Friendship and Love

The battle between Beerus and Goku is reaching its climax, as Goku withstands a universe crushing energy blast from Beerus, who neutralizes the impact due to his respect for Goku’s powers. Ever more frustrated that Goku keeps bouncing back like a cockroach after being stepped on numerous times, Beerus increases his efforts to prove his absolute superiority. These early episodes do a better job in the movie showing the relationship that develops between the two fighters. In the film, Goku’s God powers were short lived, and he showed brief glimpses of determination before losing the fight. In Super, more time is taken to allow Beerus to open up as a character. Being the most powerful being in his universe without much effort, he was eager for a challenger to stimulate his senses. You could feel the disappointment when Goku lost his powers. But when they  his temper wasn’t enough to mask his elation when his powers resurfaced even though the God ki was no longer active. Now he had someone to entertain him for the first time in thousands of years. Picking fights with anyone, especially the most powerful and destructive being in the whole universe, isn’t a good way to make friends, but somehow. Goku figured out a way to do it!

Speaking of fights, there was another battle outside of the ring worth mentioning in DBZ Kai, and that was a battle of hearts! Videl was brutally beat by a Majin powered Spopavitch (which for some reason, no one, not even the officials did anything about. Like seriously, she was getting creamed for all of 10 minutes without so much as a mercy call, my goodness!) but after the match, Gohan came to her bedside. While doctors were failing to convince Mr. Satan that his daughters wounds weren’t fatal, she called out to Gohan over her old man! Just think, martial arts helped Goku and Chi-Chi find love, and now the same is true of Gohan and his unofficial girlfriend. When it comes to relationships, looks like winning people over seems to run in Goku’s family!


Sand Whale and Me Episode 4: Still Really Weird

Another strange episode of Sand Whale and me begins with our female protagonist walking through the dusty planet where she landed. She revives a fallen soldier who thanks her by challenging her to a battle of arms. They are interrupted by a sand whale, to which they decide to form a truce to slay the ugly beast. It seems as though they lost their hunt, because, instead of feasting on prime sand whale steaks, they were eating peas by the fire at night. I’m not sure what this implies. Was the soldier a bad shot or did the whale escape? Who’s to say. I’m sure the show is quirky enough to allow us to interpret the show any way we’d like.


Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 24: The Truth About Lisa Lisa!

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to say good bye to Jo-Jo next week, and it’s sad to see him go! In the previous episode, Lisa Lisa had been wounded unconscious, and Jo-Jo fighting Kars with a handicap. Using his fighting genius that’s gotten him up to this point, he was able to save Lisa Lisa and punish Kars with the last of his Hamon, causing him to pummel down into a pit littered with spikes. Before the final blow was struck against the Pillar man, Speedwagon explains Lisa Lisa’s origin. As it turns out, she’s his mother (though that should have been obvious considering the name alliteration), who used an alias after avenging her husbands death by one of Dio Brando’s undercover lackeys. As a concerned mother, she was just trying to protect her son from a grave fate from the way of Hamon. However, he ended up using the power for good instead of evil. Secrets are never good to keep, especially with critical family information. Rather than cause his demise, I’m sure knowing this would help Jo-Jo become even stronger, since saving her would have meant a lot more.


That’s it for this week! Tell us what you think about these awesome shows in the comments and tune in for more next week.  If you wanted to catch up on any shows, watch Toonami Saturdays on Cartoon Network from 11:00pm-3:30am or on! Follow Creator Power Studios for more reviews!

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