Toonami Blog #9: Searching

Samurai Jack Episode 6

Episode 6 is a trip down memory lane….gone wrong. As Ashi tries to search for Jack, she runs into people and creatures that have been influenced by Jack. The flashbacks takes me back to my childhood, when the show was knew and it came on after The Powerpuff girls. Back then, you expected there was going to be action, but, you ultimately knew it was a kids show. I think somewhere in the story boarding phase, Tartakovsky knew what his aging watchers would be thinking, and chose to play with our childhood memories by being less kid friendly. Scattered throughout the episode are instances where the director tries to prove the show has matured. Female characters are designed a bit more sensually. Scaramouche, the annoying assassin from the first episode, comments that a creatures head looks like male genitalia. The old MC Hammer Samurai even throws in a few swear words for good measure. If you didn’t know before, you’ll have to recognize now this isn’t your granddad’s Samurai Jack, and it’s really throwing me off. I have to pause in these moments of “maturity” as it challenges what I believed this show was. The biggest trip is the art style. You wouldn’t expect a show with such a kid friendly design. I know they wanted to keep the integrity of what the show was to keep everything the same, but the tone is different this time around. Really makes me wish they changed something to reflect a shift in tone, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Ashi wasn’t the only one searching for the Samurai everyone she met remembered. I was too!


Dragonball Super Episode 15/ Dragonball Kai Episode 116

Watching Goku and Chi-Chi argue about Goku’s training can’t help me think that Goku picked the wrong one. A day after the Universe was sparred because her husband was able to go toe-to-to with the God of Destruction, Chi-Chi has the audacity to tell Goku he can’t go train to protect the world and would rather him work and be an average Joe. I know he’s obligated to stand by his wife like a good spouse, but he might want to consider using instant transmission and not coming back for a while.



A new chapter begins in DBZ Kai as The Supreme Kai explains to the Z fighters the origin of Majin Buu. He basically said that the pink monster’s been hiding in a capsule laying dormant inside the earth and his mast Babbidi is planning on unleashing him to cause destruction to the galaxy. Once they arrive to the entrance of his underground lair, Babbidi reveals himself with his minions while our heroes lie in hiding. The Supreme Kai mentioned that Babbidi wasn’t that powerful to begin with during their briefing. and considering how strong the Z fighters are I’m surprised Goku didn’t just use instant transmission ton one-shot him, ending the threat of Majin Buu. I’m sure that would have made for a poor story, but it would have saved them a heck of a lot of grief. They could have did that, beat his men and went back to the tournament safe and sound. But nope, of course they have to make things more complicated. I’m taking notes. Once I start making my own stories, my heroes will be a lot smarter than they are!

Attack On Titan Episode 26

Saturday marked the premier of the dubbed version of the highly anticipated Attack on Titan. The anime that clinched it’s audience with high levels of shock value comes back swinging right from the jump. 5 Titans breeched one of the the outter most walls and was headed towards the city, and a small group of new recruits were obligated to warn everyone. When one of the Squad Leaders Mike Zacharias leaves the group to serve as a decoy, he encounters a wooly beast Titan. Now he was scary enough since he was over 17 meters tall. My worst fears were realized when, to my dismay, the beast could talk! Squad Leader Mike wasn’t the only one with his mouth open for what seemed like 5 minutes. With that valuable information, it would have been nice to return to base and warn everyone. Sadly, he met a grim fate with the Beast Titan sicked the lesser Titans on him. It’s too bad things had to go down like that, but that’s just the way things go in that world that’s so hopeless.


Hunter Hunter Episode 48

After a dark battle between Killua and Uvogin last week, it’s nice to see things change to a more light hearted pace with the adventures of Gon and Killua. Looking to find more money, they decide to head to the market to find things to sell. After being helped by a professional appraiser, they’re introduced to the world of appraising and methods of doctoring artifacts. What’s cool about this is that series creator Yoshihiro Togashi is great at weaving auctioning concepts into his story, as well as having  a colorful cast of characters. It makes me wonder how much research he’s done in order to make things so logical. With the new character Zepile going into more detail on the doctoring methods, it will be interesting to see how all the new information relates to the story. Maybe Gon will develop an eye as sharp as his!

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